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How To Use Our Products

1. How do you use the Arata Body Wash?

Massage our Body Wash onto damp skin and work into a delicate lather. Rinse. Our nature-derived Body Wash is designed to clean and moisturise your skin using purely plant-based ingredients, free of any kind of synthetic additives. Suitable for daily use.

2. How do you use the Arata Face Wash?

Massage our Face Wash gently onto wet skin in a circular motion daily. Rinse. An incredibly reviving cleanser, our Face Wash contains 100% nature-derived, plant-based ingredients that are completely safe for daily use.

3. How do you use the Arata Lip Balm?

Apply our Lip Balm liberally to chapped lips with clean fingertips. Our Lip Balm is a nature-derived moisturiser that keeps your lips soft, prevents chapping, and is safe to be used multiple times a day. No chemical preservatives or synthetic additives.

4. How do you use the Arata Shampoo?

Massage our Shampoo onto wet hair and work into a lather for a few minutes. Rinse. This naturally derived blend is specifically made to clean and moisturize your hair, leaving it brilliantly shiny without the use of a single chemical ingredient. The Shampoo may feel drying at first, but within a few washes, it naturally restores the oil balance of your hair and scalp. Our Shampoo does not cause any long term hair damage, which is often caused by toxic, mass-market shampoos.

5. How do you use the Arata Hair Gel?

Apply our Hair Gel evenly through dry or damp hair and style with your fingers for a light or strong hold. The gel is completely water soluble and rinses out easily. This one-of-a-kind formula provides a medium-to-strong-hold look, without the damage caused by parabens and chemicals found in existing hair products. You can be free of the worry of hair fall, premature greying, hair thinning and damage often caused by chemical ingredients. It is completely safe for daily and long-term use.

6. How do you use the Arata Hair Cream?

Work a small amount of our Hair Cream through dry hair and sculpt using wet fingers or a comb. For a slicker finish, apply generously to damp hair and style as required. Water soluble and rinses out easily. The cream gives your hair a matte look without any damage caused by synthetic additives and chemicals, which are often found in existing hair products.

7. Can I use the Hair Cream and Hair Gel together?

We would recommend our Hair Cream as a pre-styler, and our Hair Gel for final styling touches. Our Hair Cream infuses your hair with moisture, and is packed with nature-derived olive and flax seed extracts, great for nourishment. Our Hair Gel can be used to style hair, yielding a medium-to-strong hold and a natural shine.

8. Do Arata products treat hair fall?

Our hair care products have not been created to specifically prevent hair fall. However, as all our ingredients are 100% nature-derived and entirely plant based, our products do not contain the harsh and toxic chemicals, often found in existing hair products, that are responsible for hair fall and hair damage.

9. How do you prevent white flakes when applying the Arata Hair Cream?

Make sure you’re applying our Hair Cream evenly! If you’ve noticed flakes, you may be applying too much cream. For short hair, a coin-sized amount is just right. Rub our Hair Cream on your palms and then spread it evenly through your hair. You can wet your hands slightly and then style your hair accordingly.

10. Can I apply the Arata Hair Cream daily?

Yes, absolutely. It's extremely safe for daily use because our ingredients are 100% plant-derived.

11. How do I apply the Arata Hair Cream on curly hair?

Although our Hair Cream is suitable for all hair types, it is especially loved by the CG community. Work a small amount of the cream through your curls and sculpt using wet fingers or a comb. For a slicker finish, apply generously to damp hair and style as required. You can even check out some tips and tricks on curl application by following @honestlizhere and @thecuriousjalebi on Instagram. Click here and here for how-to videos!

12. How do I apply the Arata Hair Cream on dry hair?

Simple! Run a small amount of our Hair Cream through your dry hair and sculpt using wet fingers or a comb. If you need more nourishment, apply the cream generously, but make sure to apply it evenly! Our Hair Cream is pretty effective when applied to damp hair as well. 

Order-Related Queries

1. How can I track my order?

All orders are dispatched within 48 hours and delivered within 2-4 business days. A confirmation email is sent to you by our logistics company once the order has been dispatched.

2. How can I modify my address and phone number?

Once your order has been placed, your address and phone number cannot be modified. From the time we receive an order, our products are shipped out within a very short window, and once dispatched, cannot be modified.

3. How do I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed and dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.

4. How can I replace my items?

All our products are non-exchangeable and non-returnable, unless damaged or defective. To replace damaged or defective items, write to us at info@arata.in within 48 hours of receiving the product (after which the product is not liable for exchange). Don’t forget to attach your order invoice and a picture of the damaged product.

5. What is the expected time period for a refund to be successful?

All approved refund credits will be made in the original Method of Payment within 7 working days. The same will reflect in your bank statement if paid online.

6. Do I have an Arata wallet?

Absolutely! Once you've placed an order on our website using your account, you have your own Arata wallet. 

In case you haven't created an account with us, register for an account with the email ID used at the time of placing all your previous orders.

7. How do I redeem my cashback?

You can redeem cashback and spend the balance of any purchase from your Arata wallet by logging into your account. If you haven't created an account with us, you can register for an account using the email ID used at the time of placing all your previous orders! As simple as that.

8. Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we currently don't ship to countries outside India! However, we're in the process of expanding across the international market. If you're keen on being kept in the loop, do email us at info@arata.in for updates!

Product-Related Queries

1. What makes Arata Zero Chemicals different from other brands?

At Arata Zero Chemicals, we believe in making completely plant-based and chemical free products. Our entire selection is 100% nature derived, chemical free and cruelty free. What makes us unique is we’ve set out to ensure that your body never comes in contact with any harmful chemicals again, and we’re the first brand in the country to offer non-toxic, unisex products.

2. Are the products completely natural?

We firmly believe that nature-derived and chemical free is the way forward today. We stand by our word of making products solely from a variety of naturally derived elements with no synthetic additives.

We have FDA licenses, and we’ve had our products dermatologically tested, the results of which show that our products are as safe as water when applied to your hair and skin.

We believe in complete transparency, and we're glad to share that we have conducted heavy metals testing on all our products and have certificates to show that we score zero on all heavy metal tests. Furthermore, all our ingredients are listed on our website for your reference.

3. What is the Arata Zero Chemicals Bodywash?

Arata Zero Chemicals Body Wash is made with a hydrating blend of coconut, apricot and honeysuckle flower extracts, to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in the gentlest way possible. With a rich, clean-rinsing lather, this unique plant-based body wash leaves your skin soft, smooth and renewed. Suitable for all skin types – normal, dry, oily – and great for everyday use. No harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colours.

4. What is the Arata Zero Chemicals Face Wash?

Arata Zero Chemicals Face Wash is a refreshing cleanser that offers radiance, bounce, and gentle exfoliation. Crafted with nourishing peppermint leaf, lemon oil, organic flax seeds, apricot seeds, and honeysuckle extract, this balancing blend is suitable for all skin types – normal, dry, oily. No harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colours. Revive, exfoliate and moisturize with zero chemicals the Arata way.

5. What is the Arata Zero Chemicals Lip Balm?

Arata Zero Chemicals Lip Balm is a deeply moisturizing lip salve crafted with nutritive, plant-based oils and nourishing cocoa butter, to soften and smoothen chapped lips. No chemical preservatives or additives. The natural moisturising strength of cocoa butter, lemon oil and menthe oil will keep your lips looking flawless.

6. What is the Arata Zero Chemicals Shampoo?

An antioxidant-rich formula that contains a restorative blend of plant-based ingredients, that leave your hair soft, shiny and smooth. This replenishing combination gently cleanses without stripping your scalp of its natural oils. No harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colours. Suitable for all hair types – dry, damaged, normal, colour-treated – and great for daily use. We understand how important your hair and scalp is, and our shampoo is designed to ensure your hair never has to endure the continual assault of chemicals ever again.

7. What is the Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel?

Packed with organic flax seed extracts, Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel infuses your hair with 100% nature-derived ingredients that nourish and strengthen the scalp. Great for a medium-to-strong hold, yielding international salon-standard styles without weighing your hair down. Our exclusive combination of ingredients eliminates the risk of hair harm without trading off on results. Suitable for all hair types – frizzy, curly, straight – and great for daily use. No harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colours.

8. What is the Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Cream?

Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Cream is a unique hair sculpting cream packed with the natural goodness of organic flax seed and olive extracts. It infuses your hair with 100% nature-derived ingredients that strengthen the scalp while sculpting your hair. It yields international salon-standard looks and gives a matte finish without compromising on the health of your hair, unlike the existing products in the market. This particular product is also used as a leave-in hair conditioner by many of our customers. Suitable for all hair types – frizzy, curly, straight – and great for daily use.

5. How can I subscribe to Arata Zero Chemicals?

Fill in your email address at the bottom of our homepage (www.arata.in) and hit subscribe! You’ll receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and much more. We look forward to you joining us in the Chemical Free Revolution.

6. How do the products retain a long shelf life without synthetic chemicals?

That's because we use all-natural preservatives! Our products are formulated with nature-derived extracts and plant-based preservatives to retain a long shelf life. You can have a look at the list of plant-derived ingredients on our product pages for more information.

7. Does Arata have its own store?

We don't have a store as yet! However, we are available on our website here, as well as across multiple e-commerce platforms.

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